How To Tutorials

Here you can find beat making tips and tutorials on how to make your music better. From mixing tutorials to beat making tutorials, these will help you become a better producer.

These are simple beat making and mixing tutorials we created to help you become a better producer. Our goal is to teach you some basic and advanced techniques that simplify the production process and bring out the best in you. We touch on everything from how to mix and master your tracks, how to make complex melodies, how to make certain types of beats and more. Keep an eye for more tutorial videos. We update this page regularly. If you have questions or want us to make a specific video, contact us through email. If you want more sounds to make beats with, you can go here to downloads free sample packs.

Created For Beginners

We don't go into crazy music theory and advanced production terminology. We keep it simple so you can better understand.

Free Tutorials

The tutorials on our YouTube channel are free. You can watch them at any time on any device at your convenience.

Free Sample Packs

If you want more sample packs, you can go here to downloads hundreds of new sounds and melodies for your beats.

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