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How To Mix Your Beats

In this video, we go over the essential ways to mix your beats.


The tutorial video above is the essential way you mix a beat. Its simple, easy and gets the job done. It will enhance the overall quality of your beat. Follow the video above to get the best results. 

Please note: If the beat doesn’t sound good, mixing won’t make it any better. Mixing simply enhances the overall quality, blends everything together and brings out its full potential. Also, mix at low-mid volume. This will help with the results:

  • Organize
  • Leveling
  • Panning
  • EQing
  • Adding Effects

Organize – Separate each instrument into its own track. Label everything correctly. This will speed up your workflow and make it way easy to mix.

Leveling – This is one of the most important parts. Level each element of the beat accordingly. Everything should sit well with each other. Bring in one instrument at a time starting with your melodies, then your percussions, the bass, and then ending with your snares and kick.

Panning – This is a good way to make sounds stand out from the other. If you have multiple melodies or a lot of percussion, try panning them to the left or right. This will help bring them stand out from the mix.

EQing – EQ is your best friend! The purpose here is to have the sounds work together rather than fight for the same frequencies. It won’t sound right otherwise. Use the EQ to remove unnecessary frequencies and add more character.

Adding Effects – This is when you spice up the sounds in your beat. Add some reverb or delay to your sounds. When doing this, you may need to go back and adjust the volume or EQ as well. Try not to over do the effects.


That’s it. That’s how you mix your beats. Remember, mixing is designed to enhance the sound quality and add character to the overall beat. If the beat doesn’t sound good, mixing won’t magically make it sound any better. 

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