Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment, all our transactions are done through PayPal. They give you an option to pay with card. You can enter your card information there. Click here to view.

Send us a message with the email linked to your account.

All downloads are available after purchase. Your purchases are available for download in your account. You won’t be able to download anything if your order is on hold.

Due to the nature of digital products, we aren’t able to give refunds. Unless the product does not work at all, you accidentally bought the same product multiple times, or it was a fraudulent purchase, we do not give refunds. 

Giving a limited number of downloads helps with our server performance. It also helps to prevent users from sharing accounts and downloading paid products.

At any given time we can have 10-100 other people trying to download products from our website. Our servers may be having trouble with satisfying the needs of everyone. If your download stops midway or you get an error page, please refresh your browser, delete all cookies and caches, then try again in a few minutes. You may also need to give AngelicVibes permission to download on your computer. You can do this by going to preferences on your browser and editing the website settings. If you still have trouble let us know. We will update your link.

Business Inquiries

We are always looking for sound designers, content creators, and producers to help us with our projects. Please go here for more information.

If you’d like to sell our products please contact us here.

Yes. Go here to learn more about our affiliate program.

We’d love to help you with your projects. Please send us a message and with the details we’ll get back to you ASAP.


For any broken links and files, please send a message. 

Unfortunately we can not listen to everyone’s music. However, if you use any of our products, you can put our name in the description of your tracks on YouTube and we might find it 🙂

Go here for all deals and specials.

We cannot personally teach you how to make beats. Although, we release videos and blog posts from time to time on mixing and beat making tips and tricks. 

Please make sure you turn off any ad blocker or popup blocker extensions. 

We love getting ideas from you guys! Please send us any ideas you may have.

Installation/Trouble Shooting

Go here for more information. 

Here are some reasons as to why your plugin might not be showing up:

  • You haven’t installed the plugin correctly
  • You haven’t restarted your computer
  • Haven’t rescanned for plugins in your DAW
  • The plugin might be under a different name (Elite Plugins or Hyper Freq)
  • You might be looking under the wrong category (might be under Effects instead of Instruments)
  • The plugin isn’t compatible with your computer or DAW

You may need to use a different extract software or the file is broken. Send us the name of the file and a screenshot of the error you are receiving and we’ll get this fixed ASAP. 

If you’re on Mac, try downloading The Unarchiver from the App Store. That usually works best.

This means you didn’t properly install the samples.

To fix this, copy the .instruments folder into the VST folder located on your computer. Then reload the plugin and it will work just fine.

If you can’t find the VST folder go here

The presets were either installed incorrectly, or the plugin needs to be refreshed. Click the refresh button or restart the DAW.

No. We do not have resources to make AAX plugins at this time.

All except for Iota Mini and Uphoria.


Our Free sample packs, loop kits, etc. are Royalty Free for uploading to streaming platforms, selling beats, and even major placements such as TV/Film and Major Artists. This includes Leases and Exclusives online. 

Our Paid sample packs and loop packs are Royalty Free for uploading to streaming platforms and selling beats. However, they are not Royalty-Free for Major placements regarding Major Artist, Major Labels, TV/Film, Video Games. (Disney, Netflix, Drake, Etc.)

Yes. If you used our samples and loops with your beats/music, you can still sell them online to artists and listeners.

No. We do not collect any royalties.

We’d rather you not. We (and our team) still own the copyrights to all of our loops. 

We recommend you copyright your beats without using our loops. 

No. We do not copyright strike or sue anyone. If this happens to you, first check with us. If it was not us, then it is a scam and must have been someone else.

The only time you need to clear a sample is if you land a placement with TV/Film or a Major Artist. It also depends on how the loop was used. If you just copy and pasted to loop onto a drum pattern and the beat is basically just our loop, then yes we’d require sample clearance.

If you manipulated the loop to where it doesn’t even sound like the original, or it was used somewhere in the background, then you do not require sample clearance.

Our process is very simple. If you’ve landed a placement on TV or with a Major Artist send us an email with the loop you’ve used, the track so we can hear how it was used, and name of the show or artist. We will send over the required fee and contract. Price varies from placement to placement.

Not all samples need to be cleared. Only certain paid products require sample clearance. Free products do not require any sample clearance.

Yes. You are allowed to upload your music to streaming platforms (Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.) using our loops, samples and VSTs. 

If it is a free pack/plugin then of course! However, if you paid for a product and want to send it over to your friend so they can use it too, then no. 

You do not own the rights to the product. You simply have a user license to use them in your music.

Houston, we have a problem!

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