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How To Boost Your Beat Sales


So, you’ve made a few sales of your beats here and there, but have yet to see any real growth in your sales numbers and customers? I’m positive if you follow these 11 tips i’m going to share with you, you will be well on your way to getting more and more sales and eventually reaching the goal of earning a full time income from your music!

List of ways to boost your beat sales:

  1. Make more of what’s selling
  2. Bulk deals and discounts
  3. Respond to everyone
  4. Build relationships with customers
  5. Be a real person not a corporate entity
  6. Be active on social media
  7. Offer free beats
  8. Build a mailing list
  9. Collab with others
  10. Focus on the music
  11. User Facebook messenger

1. Make More Of What’s Selling

Out of those sales you do have, look at which beats are selling the most. Let’s say you have a ‘Hard DaBaby Type Beat’ which you’ve made $100 from and you also have a ‘Sad Lil Peep Type Beat’ which you’ve made over $500 from. This just shows you that your audience is responding to those types of beats more and purchasing them more.

So what should you do? Make more of those types of beats

2. Bulk Deals and Discounts

Pretty much the standard way for any e-commerce industry to boost its sales are the deals you give to people. Offering bulk deals such as ‘Buy 1 beat get 2 free’ creates much more of an incentive to the customer to purchase your beats. If they feel like they’re getting much more value for their money, they’ll be more happy to part with their hard earned cash!

Discounts are also a great incentive, who doesn’t love a good discount? I remember the first time I offered something like a 50% discount to everyone, I made something like $500 in 24 hours! Try offering a discount during the next special holiday/event e.g. black friday.

You can also offer discounts to already existing customers as a thank you.

Sometimes if someone messages me asking about a beat, I might give them a special discount just for them then and there as a token of goodwill and for reaching out to me. 9/10 times they always purchase!


3. Respond To Everyone

That dude who keeps dm’ing you asking for free beats? He could become a potential customer.

That person who responds “🔥” to your instagram story of a beat you were previewing? They could become potential customers.

That person who just wanted to say they loved your music? They could also become a customer!

Don’t ignore these people because you feel it’s not a true ‘Lead’. You never know what could happen. I’ve literally responded to people just saying ‘Hey’ and they end up buying a beat 5 minutes later!

Which brings me onto my next point…

4. Build Relationships With Customers / Potential Customers

I cannot stress this enough… this is almost a make or break for your beat selling business, this is how you turn a $30 customer into a $3000 customer.

If someone buys a beat from you, reach out, say thanks, ask to hear their music they make with your beats, give them advice, ask them what their plans and hopes and dreams are, build a relationship with them! They will build trust with you and will be much more likely to keep coming back and getting beats from you.

If someone isn’t a customer and like i said before just sent you a quick dm, build a relationship with them too! Just because they didn’t buy a beat right away doesn’t mean they never will. Trust me, if you build real relationships with these people, you will be the first person on their mind when they think about getting some beats.

5. Be A Real Person When You Speak To People And Not A Corporate Entity

When you’re speaking to a customer/potential customer, don’t make them feel like they’re talking to AT&T email support… speak to them like a normal person, like the way you would speak to your friends!

As much as yes, you should be professional, remember that building a real honest relationship with people will do much more for you than sending responses that sound like you’re an automated response machine. When i started speaking to people like this and being ‘real’, i easily saw my sales (and amount of customers) increase!


6. Be Active On Social Media (Most Importantly Instagram)

You need to make sure you can be reached on absolutely any social avenue there is! This means, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Email etc etc.

Different people prefer different methods of communication, so making sure you are available on all of them is VITAL.

Most important of all that I’ve found is Instagram. I’ve noticed that the majority of my messages come from IG. I make sure to be as active as I can on there so when people message me they know I’m available.

It’s also a great way to find potential customers! I can post a preview of a new beat on my story, someone hears it, shoots me a dm saying they like it, then i start building a relationship with them and boom, a beat sale!

You see how this is all starting to tie in together now? Let’s continue, I’m not done yet!

7. Offer Free Beats

Offer free beat downloads, preferably tagged and for non profit. Giving them that free download option gives them the chance to start making something and see if they really fuck with the beat or not, and if they do, well now they might want the beat untagged and/or want to use it for profit!

This is also a great way to build your mailing list, which i’m going to talk about next.

8. Build A Mailing List

This is a game changer.

Building an email list of customers and potential customers is an amazing way to start boosting your beat sales. With this list, you are able to reach all of these people at once and offer them exclusive deals, beat packs & discounts etc.

How do you get people onto your email list you ask? Simple.

You can offer a free beat, a discount and anything of value you know your potential customers would love in exchange for an email!

But please, please DO NOT SPAM. Don’t send an email out constantly saying ‘Buy this beat’ ‘New beat buy now’, people will just get sick of you and not want to buy from you at all.

Instead what you should do is send emails that give these people value, give them free beats, insider info etc. Simply just asking ‘Hey how are you?’ has given me great results. Then you just simply add a link to your beat store at the end of the email and boom, free traffic!

This is also a GREAT way to start building relationships like I spoke about earlier. Reply to everyone and don’t be a robot!

9. Collabs

I’ll put this one simply…

I made a beat with a friend, released the beat, then sold the exclusive and we both walked away with $250.

Collabs bring new fans and new money.

10. Be Consistent

I tell everyone this, it’s my go to piece of advice that is one of the main reasons i’ve gotten to where i am in my music career today.

Be consistent with everything you do, most importantly releasing new music. Don’t release a beat a month, or a few beats every 6 months, release as consistently as you can! This way people are constantly reminded of you and your music, and the more beats you have, the more you can sell.

Don’t forget to be consistent with these tips also… Rome wasn’t built in a day!

11. Focus On The Music

This is the most important one.

In a world full of a million different marketing techniques it is as important as ever to never, EVER forget that the Music.Always.Comes.First.

Too many people focus 100% on the marketing, thinking that’s why their beats aren’t selling and forget about what really matters. The music.

A shit beat with a lot of marketing, is still a shit beat. A great beat with no marketing, is still a great beat.

12. Bonus Tip – Add Facebook Messenger pop up to your Beatstars Pro Page

This tip only applies if you use beatstars and their pro page for your beat selling website.

Recently they made it available to have a facebook messenger pop up available on your pro page (website). You know, those things when you go to a website and a little facebook message

pops up in the bottom right hand corner saying something like ​“Hi there, how can i help you today?”

Well let me tell you, from the moment i added it, i started getting messages through it a lot, and because they were messages coming from someone who was already on my beat store, closing a sale was super easy.

Them being able to contact you directly right away, made them much more comfortable as you’re able to deal with any questions and queries they had right away.

That's about it.

I hope these tips prove as useful to you as they are to me, and I am positive if you start using these, you will see an improvement to your beat sales!

And remember, there is no magical piece of information that is going to make you go from $100-$10,000 a month, it’s all in the consistency of doing what already works.

Until next time!

Mors x

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Music Producer based out of London, England who has worked with Universal Music, Sony, Fox, ESPN and more. He has generated over 17 million plays on YouTube and earned over 200k selling beats online.

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