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How To Master Your Beats

In this video, we go over a simple way you can master your beats to get them ready for distribution.


The tutorial video above is a great way to get started on mastering and will make your music sound louder and more full. This isn’t the only way you can master a track, but it is a very simple way and it gets the job done. Follow along with the video to get the best results!

The plugins used in the video: 

  • Stereo Spreader
  • Multipressor
  • Linear EQ
  • Limiter
  • MultiMeter

Stereo – Use this to give the beat a bit more depth and presence. Add stereo to the mids of the beat. You don’t want a dramatic change. Less is more.

Multipressor – Cut and boost different frequencies within your beat. Solo each band to hear the changes you are making. Don’t over do it!

Linear EQ – Cut everything under 25Hz and everything above 17000Hz. These frequency are unnecessary. They can make your track sound muddy. 

Limiter – Your best friend! Set the output level to 0.1dB. Set your release to around 25ms. Now gradually move the gain up. This makes your beat louder without losing its dynamics. Don’t over do it or it’ll start sounding ugly!

MultiMeter – This is used to see if you have any clipping or correlation issues. If so, go back and adjust your Stereo and Multipressor.

That's about it.

That’s it. A simple way to master your tracks. Make sure to follow along with the video. After a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. Go make more music!

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