How To Make Better Melodies

In this video, we show you how to make your melodies much better. 


It’s easy to make a simple melody, but what if you want a more complex melody? What if you want it to sound more creative? Watch the video above to see how you can turn a simple melody into a more interesting one. 

The tips discussed in the video: 

  • Create a grove
  • Remove some notes
  • Switch Between Octaves
  • Extend Your Melody
  • Blend Different Sounds

Create A Groove – Sometimes we get in the habit of creating 4 note melodies. This is cool, but it can get repetitive and boring pretty fast. To change that, try adding some grove to the melody. Move some notes left or right. They don’t always have to be hitting on a beat. 

Remove Some Notes – Of course adding notes can make a melody sound more interesting, but so can removing notes! Experiment by taking out notes and seeing how it sounds. You may actually like it better that way.

Switch Between Octaves – Instead of having all your notes bunched up together, have them switching between octaves. This will change the entire feel of your melody and can make it sound better. 

Extend Your Melody – Instead of creating a short 4 bar loop, make it an 8 bar loop. This gives you more room to work with, it sounds less repetitive, and it keeps the listener interested.

Blend Different Sounds – Sometimes having one instrument can sound plain and boring. To spice things up, add more sounds and instruments that compliment the main melody. You can have them both playing similar notes or something totally different. The key is to have them sound good  together.


These are some really good ways to make your melodies sound more interesting. If you want more tips on how to create melodies let us know! 

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