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Beat Making Tips + Guides

Here you can find beat making tips and tutorials on how to make your music better. From mixing tutorials to beat making tutorials, these will help you become a better producer.

Simple tips to use that’ll make your beats instantly sound better

Guide on mixing your beats easily and quickly to get the best results

Tips for mastering your track before putting it out into the world

How to make your melodies sound a little bit better than they already are

Having trouble making melodies? This guide will help you get started

Following these simple tips will help you write better chord progressions

5 ways to make money as a music producer and how to get started

Learn how to sell more beats and grow your income as a producer

Common mistakes to avoid making that’ll make your tracks sound better

A look at what are chord progressions and how to write them

Learn the techniques to make trap beats without any prior experience

Make the low end of your tracks sit better in the mix without clashing

Simple and easy guide on making Dance Hall type beats

Nocturnal Now Available

Our latest plugin that allows producers to easily apply a deep, atmospheric lowpass filter and reverb to their music, creating that signature night-time OVO sound.

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