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3 Simple Beat Making Tips For Beginners

Too many producers overlook these 3 simple beat making tips. By not using these tips you might be missing out on a whole new world of ideas! Start using these tips the next time you make a beat and watch how much more creative you become! Tip #1: Layer Instruments Layering instruments can make your […]

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3 Important Tips For Selling Beats Online

Here are 3 of the most important tips for selling beats online. Before you sign up to Soundclick and start spamming people with your beats, read these tips! These tips will save you tons of time and money!  Tip #1: Have your own website Why should you have your own website? Having your own website opens up […]

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How To Make An 808 In Massive

Today we’re giving you a brief overview on how to make an 808 in massive. We tried making this as simple as possible. Just follow the steps/screenshots, download the preset and you’re good to go. Step One: For Oscillator 1 Set pitch to -24.00 Set wt-position to zero Set intensity to zero         […]

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Is It Okay To Use Loops In Your Beats?

Is it okay to use loops in your beats? The use of loops is now one of the most popular staples of music production! Yet, professional and aspiring producers alike struggle with many ethical question concerning the use of loops in their music, particularly in regards to the originality of the material. So, you might […]

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