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Street Smart - Sample Pack

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Over 750MB of content and over 240 loops and sounds.

Street Smart is an all in one sample pack. It is a collection of dark trap melodies, rhythmic drum loops, and fire drum samples. We created this pack to enhance your production and overall sound. This kit allows you to make new beats with fresh ideas by providing you with an array of creative loops and samples. 

Listen To Loops From Street Smart

Street Smart – Melody 18 – F#min – 155bpm

  • "melody 18".

Street Smart – Melody 12 – F#m – 140bpm

  • "Melody 12".

Street Smart – Melody 04 – Dmin – 130bpm

  • "Street Smart - Melody 04 - Dmin - 130bpm".

Street Smart – Drum Loop 09 – 110bpm

  • "Drum Loop 09".

Street Smart – Drum Loop 07 – 140bpm

  • "Drum Loop 07".

Street Smart – Drum Loop 11 – 128bpm

  • "Drum Loop 11".

What's Included?




+ Drum Samples



+ Melody Loops



+ Drum / Perc Loops



Our Street Smart sample pack is more than just a construction kit. If you want fresh ideas for your beats, this kit will do just that. Containing catchy melodies, clean percussions, ready-made drum loops, and individual midi files, with Street Smart you will have full control over your production. Don’t sleep on this one!

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Artwork For The Street Smart Sample Pack

Street Smart - Sample Pack

$24.99 $19.99

Waves is a Serum presets pack designed with some of the most unique, ambient and soothing type of sounds for Xfer Serum.

Waves makes it easy to create give your tracks ambient and mellow vibe. It focuses on giving you a collection of rare and unique presets designed for those chill, mellow and smooth type of tracks. Waves will save you hours of your time while keeping you creative and making some of your best music yet.

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