Over 700 Presets
For Massive

This does not work with Massive X. This is for the old Massive.

Pure Creativity

After we finished working on this entire pack, we realized how valuable and inspiring it truly is. We’ve created this entire collection with the sole purpose of giving you a bunch of high-quality sounds to produce an endless amount of tracks with. Now you can finally save yourself hours of precious time and pick up this golden nugget today. If you want new massive presets and original sounds to make your beats with, this pack is for you.

The benefits of this pack

Many Massive sound banks fail to truly capture those mellow, dark, smooth and ambient type of sounds. That's why this Bundle Pack is one of a kind. We are that sound! It gives you all the necessary sounds for producing modern day music. You are literally given access to a sound library with hundreds of high-quality sounds that we designed for you. With this bundle pack, you are ready to produce some of your best beats yet.


The Trap Massive Presets Bundle Pack comes with over 700 custom designed presets. In detail you get an entire sound bank of hard hitting 808s, melodic arpeggiators, growling and simple sub basslines, soothing lullaby type bells, transition effects, OVO and cinematic type pads, exhilarating synthesizers and tons more we haven't mentioned. Also, most presets come with 8 macro knobs giving you even more flexibility for each sound.

Examples of Presets From This Bundle Pack

Get It Now For Only $20.00

Original Price is $114

With the release of Massive X, we decided to give this bundle away for only $20.00. We will now be focusing on Massive X. We have many ideas and will be releasing tons of presets for Massive X.

This sale won’t last forever


Product type:

Massive Preset Pack

For use with:

The old Massive. This does not work the Massive X.

Number of files:

Around 700 files in total


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