How To Make An 808 In Massive

Today we’re giving you a brief overview on how to make an 808 in massive. We tried making this as simple as possible. Just follow the steps/screenshots, download the preset and you’re good to go.

Step One:

For Oscillator 1

  • Set pitch to -24.00
  • Set wt-position to zero
  • Set intensity to zero





Step Two:

For Filter 1

  • Select “Daft” filter





Step Three:

In FX 1

  • Select classic tube
  • Move dry/wet slightly down





Step Four:

In Modulation Osc

  • Set phase to 1
  • Set pitch to -24.00
  • Move knob slightly up





Step Five:

In Env 4

  • Move attack slightly up
  • Move decay slightly up
  • Set decay level to zero
  • Center the release





And that is how you make an 808 inside of massive! Pretty easy right? For advanced 808s you’ll need more modulations and effects, but essentially that is how you make an 808. We hope this helps! Leave your questions and comments below.

Click here to download the 808 preset.

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