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Artwork For 3 Simple Beat Making Tips

3 Simple Beat Making Tips For Beginners

Too many producers overlook these 3 simple beat making tips. By not using these tips you might be missing out on a whole new world of ideas! Start using these tips the next time you make a beat and watch how much more creative you become!

Artwork For 3 Simple Beat Making Tips

Tip #1: Layer Instruments

Layering instruments can make your beats sound more “full” and “wide”. Instead of using one sound for your melody or chord progressions, layer 3 different sounds. This will give it a much better feel as well, but make sure to level and EQ them to avoid any clutter.

Tip #2: Reverse A Melody or Chord

Reversing a melody or chord progression can give your beats an entirely new vibe and may add that missing piece you were looking for. Drake does this on almost all of his songs. It has become a popular technique in today’s rap music. If you have trouble doing this, make sure to save your loop as a wav file, then reverse it.

Tip #3: Substitute sounds

Instead of using a piano for your melody or chord progression, use pluck, bell or pad. Sometimes it’s not the melody that sounds bad, it’s just the instrument that was used. Doing this will spark new ideas or even make the beat sound better. You can also alternate between the sounds throughout your beat.


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  1. brickatmyhead Avatar

    Great tips! thanks a lot, great stuff.

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