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Job Opportunies

We’re currently looking for (freelance) help in the following areas:

For any inquiries please email

Graphic Design

Experienced and creative graphic designers who can create user interfaces, social media artwork, advertisement banners etc. 

Sound Design

Experienced sound designer/producer who is willing to create exclusive sample packs and preset banks for upcoming releases.

Copywriter / Blog Posts

Creative writer who is able to write compelling blog posts with 500-1200 words about music production, audio tips, reviews, news etc. (preferably into music production). 

Tutorial Guy

Must be knowledgable and able to teach sound design, music production, and audio engineering tips and techniques. Will make tutorial videos or blogs. 

Coder / C++ Programmer

In need of an experienced programmer who is able to turn our ideas into reality. Must be experienced in developing audio plugins/software. 


These are freelancer jobs, not actual careers! Depending on the position, you will be paid up front or commission. Some spots may be filled, but you’ll be contacted when there are more opportunities. 

Natale C. from Switzerland recently purchased

The Nocturnal - Effect Plugin

Check it out!

Nocturnal Now Available

Our latest plugin that allows producers to easily apply a deep, atmospheric lowpass filter and reverb to their music, creating that signature night-time OVO sound.

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