Tips For Making Melodies

In this video, we go over a few simple tips for making melodies. 


In this video we go over some simple tips you can use to create melodies. This isn’t the only way but it is one of the easiest ways to get great results. Follow along with the video to get the best results.

Here are the tips: 

  • Sound Selection
  • Use Chords As a Guide
  • Use Same Notes For Melody
  • Add Bass Using The Root Note
  • Add Different Sounds
  • Transpose Everything

Sound Selection – Make sure you choose the right sounds. Whatever vibe you are going for, make sure you pick the right sounds. Some sounds may not work well with each other so keep looking.

Use Chords As a Guide – This is a great way to make melodies. The key is to start with two or three simple chords. These will be used as a guide for the rest of your melody.

Use Same Notes For Melody – This tip is pretty simple. Whatever notes you used in your chords, use that for your melody. 

Add Bass Using The Root Note – Here’s our favorite part. Whatever the root notes are in your chords (or the bottom notes) have the bass play those exact notes in the same way. If done correctly, the bass will bring everything together.

Add Different Sounds – Whatever sound you used for the first melody, try adding a second one. This will bring more life and character to the melody. It can make it sound a lot more interesting. Some sounds may not work together so keep experimenting.

Transpose Everything – This is a cool thing to do after you’ve finished making your melody. Select everything in your piano roll (melody, chords, bass etc.) and move them up or down. This will change the scale everything is in. Some scales will feel better than others. If it doesn’t sound right, that means something was originally out of key. 


That’s it. Now you can make melodies! If these tips seem a little confusing then watch the video above. Everything will be crystal clear after that. Remember, this is a really simple way to make melodies. After using these tip a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. 

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