Download Over 35 Free Trap Vox Chops

Here you can download over 35 free trap vocal chops for your beats. 

With vocal samples getting more popular in today’s music, and it being nearly impossible to find free vocal chops online, we decided to give you a free vox chops sample pack. Inside this pack, you get 35 vocal chops that you can use within your beats. These vocals can be used in many genres such as Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep and more! All samples are BPM and key labeled so you can easily integrate them into your music or make brand new beats out of them. You are going to love these.

  • 35 Free Vox Chops
  • Bpm & Key Labeled
  • 100% Royalty Free

More Vocal Chops

Want more vocal chops and effects for your beats? Get our Vox Chops 2 sample pack now. We decided to hire professional singers just so we can create more vocal loops for you to use in your music. This sample pack contains around 120 vocal loops that are dripping with emotion and warmth. This pack will open up a new world of potential for your next production. Click the button below to purchase this pack today.

Artwork For Vox Chops - Vocal Chops Sample Pack

More Free Sample Packs

Want more free sounds for your beats?

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    1. Nice Vox sample pack


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  12. Awesome thank you

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  14. Hey, I see that the page says that it has 45 vox chops, but the folder only shows 35, what happened?

    1. Can you send me the zip file or Rar it won’t let me download the kit 🙁

  15. God damn! This is quality content, thanks for putting it for free, man! It’s really worth 100’s! Let’s keep going!

  16. Nice vocal chop

  17. GOOD VOX!

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  19. thanks love ur products

    1. I can’t download any pack i need help

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