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Free Hip Hop Sample Pack 2023

Our Free Hip Hop Sample Pack offers timeless drum loops reminiscent of old school hip hop, while providing fresh and distinctive melodies to inspire you to try something new in your music production. We’re confident that something within this pack will resonate with you. Grab your free copy today and enjoy!

AV – Melody 02 – 95bpm – F#m

  • "AV_Melody 02_95bpm_F#m".

AV – Melody 03 – 113bpm – G#m

  • "AV_Melody03_113bpm_G#m".

AV – Melody 08 – 145bpm – Bbm

  • "AV_Melody08_145bpm_Bbm".

AV – Drum Loop 11 – 95bpm

  • "AV - Drum Loop 11 - 95bpm".

AV – Drum Loop 10 – 152bpm

  • "AV_DrumLoop10_152bpm".

AV – Drum Loop 08 – 145bpm

  • "AV_Drum_Loop 08145bpm".

Introducing our Free Hip Hop Sample Pack – a must-have resource for music producers. Inside, discover 29 one shots, 10 melodies, and 11 drum loops with stems, all tailored for hip-hop vibes. Importantly, this pack is royalty-free, giving you the freedom to use these sounds without limitations. Each element comes labeled with its BPM and key for easy integration into your projects. Elevate your hip-hop productions today by downloading this versatile sample pack now.


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