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Artwork For Free Ambient Vocal Samples Post

Free Ambient Vocals

Download Free Ambient Vocals Here you can download some free ambient vocals for your beats. Scroll Down Created and recorded by DXVN. this is an essential vocal pack to add to your library. It includes ambient and catchy vocal samples that you can chop up, resample and add to your tracks. Included are both vocal […]

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Artwork For Free Female Vocal Samples

Free Female Vocal Samples

Download Free Female Vocal Samples Here you can download some free female vocal samples you can use within your music. Read More Adding vocal samples to your beats is essential. They change the entire vibe of your track by giving it more feeling and originality. If you want to also add some originality to your beats […]

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Artwork For Free Male Trap Vocals Sample Pack

Free Male Trap Vocals

Download Over 60 Free Male Trap Vocals Here you can download over 60 free male vocal samples to use within your music. Scroll Down We hired a professional vocalist to record some vocals for us. We’re now giving some away for free along with more vocals! Inside this rare sample pack, you get over 60 […]

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Artwork For Free Trap Vox Chops Post

Free Trap Vox Chops

Download Over 45 Free Trap Vox Chops Here you can download over 45 free trap vocal chops for your beats.  Scroll Down With vocal samples getting more popular in today’s music, and it being nearly impossible to find free vocal chops online, we decided to give you a free vox chops sample pack. Inside this pack, […]

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