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Nocturnal Overview

Installation Instructions

  • Download the Nocturnal installers from your account.
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  • Open your DAW, scan for plugins and load Nocturnal on your desired track or bus.

System Requirements

  • Works on both Mac and Windows. 
  • Delivered in VST and AU formats.
  • Compatible with all major DAWs (except Pro Tools).
Usage Tips
  • Experiment with different filter types and reverb settings to discover new soundscapes.
  • Use the Mono and Widen options in the Stereo Field to enhance the placement and presence of elements in your mix.


  • Nocturnal has built-in compression. If your track starts clipping, remove any compression or limiters applied on the mixer.
  • If you encounter any issues while using Nocturnal, try restarting your DAW or re-installing the plugin. Ensure that your DAW is up-to-date and compatible with the plugin.

Filter Knob

  • This dual-action knob adjusts the filter’s cutoff frequency. Turn left for the signature lowpass effect, or turn right for a more saturated lowpass.

Reverb Knob

  • Adjusts the dry/wet reverb mix allowing users to paint their sound with space and ambience.

Filter Type: Choose from five filter types ranging from subtle to deep.

    1. Light filtering for subtle tone shaping.
    2. Gradual increase of filter slope and tone.
    3. Gradual increase of filter slope and tone.
    4. Gradual increase of filter slope and tone.
    5. Deepest, underwater-type filter for maximum impact.

Subtly Clarity: Fine-tune the filter’s character with four clarity options.

    1. Bypass – normal filter without modifications.
    2. Reduces saturation for less coloration.
    3. Reduces chorus for a cleaner sound.
    4. Reduces both chorus and saturation for the cleanest possible sound.

Stereo Field: Adjust the spatial attributes of the sound.

    1. Normal – standard stereo imaging.
    2. Mono – focuses the sound to the center.
    3. Widen – expands the stereo field for an immersive experience.

Reverb Type: Select from five unique reverb types for ambience and space

    1. Bright: Enhances the high-end with light saturation.
    2. Digital: Mid-focused with a slight flanger effect for a spacious feel.
    3. Serious: Low to mid-focused, adding harmonics and width.
    4. Percussive: Movement-oriented reverb with a shorter, more present decay.
    5. Room: Simulates a small, simple room environment.

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Nocturnal Now Available

Our latest plugin that allows producers to easily apply a deep, atmospheric lowpass filter and reverb to their music, creating that signature night-time OVO sound.

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