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Note: The demo produces noise after 10 minutes of use. (not compatible with macOS Catalina, Big Sur, or protools)

Download The Free Demo For NEO

Neo is a multi-effects plugin designed to mix and master your tracks. With nine different plugins in one, the possibilities are endless. It will help you add unique effects and get new results to your sounds. Instead of using nine different plugins, you can simply use Neo to get the results you want and more. Download the demo now for free!​


Neo makes it easier to combine many different effects together for an endless amount of results. Included is also a randomize button for new creative ideas.


Neo uses complex algorithms to ensure radio-ready quality. All effects are designed from the ground giving with a unique sound and tone behind them.


This demo is free to download for everyone. Use this on your melodies, beats, or vocals and watch them be transformed.


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