Free Lil Peep Sample Pack

Here you can download our free lil peep sample pack!

In honor of Lil Peep, we’re giving you 14 free guitar samples you can make beats with. These guitar samples are very relaxed and chill. These guitar samples are perfect for anyone who wants to create those emo trap type of beats. We hired a professional guitarist to record these so you won’t find them anywhere else on the web. Get this free guitar sample pack now!

  • 14 Guitar Samples
  • Bpm & Key Labeled
  • 100% Royalty – Free

Download This Free Lil Peep Sample Pack Now!

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More Guitar Samples

If you downloaded our free guitar samples and like what you hear, we created a sample pack with even more guitar samples! This pack is one of the most inspiring guitar samples packs out there. Each sample is unique, professional, and like no other. This pack will defeat and beat-block you have and inspire you to create beats you’ve never even tried creating. Click the button below and check it out now!

Artwork For Hazel Guitar Samples

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