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Category: Presets

  • Free Cthulhu Chords

    Free Cthulhu Chords

    Free Cthulhu Presets Here you can download our Free Cthulhu Chords. We made sure each preset contains great chord progressions that will inspire you to create new beats.  Each preset contains at least 14 chords that you can create your own progressions with. We designed these presets for Hip Hop and R&B music, but of…

  • Free Massive X Presets

    Free Massive X Presets

    https://youtu.be/en5RlIPCWls The melodies and drums heard in the preview video are not included.  Here you can download over 40 free presets for Massive X. Included are bells, pads, synths, and more. If you want a collection of quality presets for free, this is for you.  We noticed Massive X doesn’t really come with many sounds…

  • Free Spire Presets

    Free Spire Presets

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9odYwDHRGc Since we love creating the dark, smooth and atmospheric type of sounds and samples, we decided to create these presets for Spire and give them to you for free. If you’re looking for a Spire bank with smooth, eerie, and atmospheric sounds for your tracks, these presets will do the trick. These free spire presets…

  • Free Trap Omnisphere Presets

    Free Trap Omnisphere Presets

    Here you can download 56 free trap omnisphere presets for your beats! 56 free beautifully crafted presets Bells, bass, arps, pads and more We created 56 beautiful sounding presets for you to use in your tracks. This Omnisphere bank comes with an essential collection of sounds such as ambient pianos, childlike bells, and eerie pads.…

  • Free Electra X Presets

    Free Electra X Presets

    Free ElectraX Presets Here you can download 18 custom-made ElectraX presets. Included are bells, arps, pads and more. This is a collection of presets for the Electra X VST that we created just for you. This pack is inspired by today’s Trap and Hip Hop music, but can also be used in a variety of…

  • Free Serum Presets

    Free Serum Presets

    Here you can download one of the best collections of royalty free serum presets featuring a variety of sounds designed for all genres. Included are over 80 professional sounding presets from bass and 808 sounds, to rich bell, pads and more inspiring sounds. All presets are original and unique to us and we created them…

  • Free Trap Massive Presets

    Free Trap Massive Presets

    Here you can download 100 free presets for NI Massive. Below are examples of several presets.  This powerful collection of 100 presets will boost your audio arsenal with something serious. We’ve designed this selection with super heavy sounds that have all your synth needs covered: Thick bass, crystal clear bells, powerful synth leads, atmospheric pads…

Nocturnal Now Available

Our latest plugin that allows producers to easily apply a deep, atmospheric lowpass filter and reverb to their music, creating that signature night-time OVO sound.

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