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Free Trap Omnisphere Presets

Here you can download 56 free trap omnisphere presets for your beats!

  • 56 free beautifully crafted presets
  • Bells, bass, arps, pads and more

We created 56 beautiful sounding presets for you to use in your tracks. This Omnisphere bank comes with an essential collection of sounds such as ambient pianos, childlike bells, and eerie pads. They’re perfect for producing those ambient and mellow type of beats. What are you waiting for? Our free Omnisphere presets are a must-have for your studio! Download this pack today for some sparkling fresh and dynamic new sounds for Omnisphere. 

Want more sounds for Omnisphere?

Omnisphere Presets Bundle

$119.95 $59.95

Moonlight – Omnisphere


Starstruck – Omnisphere


16 thoughts on “Free Trap Omnisphere Presets

  1. Angelic Vibes is the TRUTH tho! Love ya’ll so much for the content you provide the music community!!

  2. This is great!! 😀

  3. Thank really dope

    1. Bank is lit !

  4. Noice

    1. Cool thank you

  5. very good!

  6. i need these bad

  7. very good

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